Dear Mr. Bertucci,

Hello and Christ’s Peace!

Mr. Bertucci, I have been wanting to write you for some time now, to thank you heartily for the excellent education that you and your teaching staff have given to Joseph during this past year. He grew so much: academically, socially and spiritually. I am so proud of him. I am also so impressed by the knowledge, wisdom, integrity and holiness of you professors. You have all been such mentors to Joseph.

If I may say so, humbly, Joseph is a special person. He has such a desire to know about everything, and he wants to live a good life that is pleasing to God. He also has had, all his life, such a big heart, especially for those who suffer.

I know the value of this education. As you know, it is very similar to the St. Ignatius Institute education that I received from Fr. Fessio. I thanked God every day that I was there.

God bless you, your family and the college.

Sincerely in Christ, Christine P. (Joseph’s mom).