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From the Angelicum Mailbox

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Hi Steve!

I was cleaning out old e-mails and found a few from you. I hope all is going well for you and the program.

So I may be accused of lacking humility here, but I thought I might share a bit of “our” success with you since I truly believe any academic success Pamela has can be more attributed to your efforts than mine. As you may recall, she enrolled in the Philosophy, Politics, and the Public Honors program at Xavier University in Cincinnati. She is thoroughly loving the program and earned a 4.0 last semester. This semester her history/philosophy block class involves coming to class prepared to critically discuss 40-60 pages of pre-assigned reading and writing concise analysis. Would it surprise you that the first class she lead the discussion and the professor was astounded at her critique so early in the semester? She called later to say it was like being back in Great Books and it felt so good!

Thanks again for giving Pamela the tools she’s need to succeed. So far, she’s doing super!

With highest regards,
Arlene M.