RE: Great Books Classes

I’ve found that the more exposure I get to the different ideas from the online discussions about the Great Books reading, the easier it is to shuffle my mental rolodex cards and organize them. Even when I don’t add to the conversation I enjoy the listening. My father loved discussing all kinds of topics when he invited the base chaplains to the house for dinner, so the conversation was varied and lively.

Growing up I learned quickly how to keep the conversational ball moving and how to entertain when things slowed down, which is why I don’t mind putting a zipper on my lips once in a while. I particularly enjoyed your remarks on the lines about the wedding in the poem and found them moving. It’s pleasant to hear a man speak of marriage in this way. From someone else it might have sounded a little like a fairy tale, but it was beautiful. During the poetry discussion there is invariably a ‘ramble’ such as this that will act as a blessing on my heart. Is it any wonder that I’m enjoying class so much? My previous experiences with college classes have not been this pleasant.

Again, I thank you. Maria E.