THURSDAY 7/17/11 Update: This class is now FULL.
10:30 a.m
First Year: Ancient Greeks
1st class is 9/1

There is still room in the Friday Greek class. Please see the schedule below.

Online Class Schedule 2011-2012

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“If you’re in the GB program right now, cherish this time! I really believe that you will never have another class quite as good as this one. Even though I have some very excellent teachers at … (which everyone should come to, by the way lol)… none of them will be able to compare to what Mr. Bertucci, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Redpath and Dr. Hancock have given me, the ability to think and ask questions. I know it seems like a fairly common thing to have, but frankly, it is grossly underdeveloped in many people. Just know how lucky you all are to have this, and I hope you all enjoy every moment of it as much as I did.” – comment on Facebook by one of our Great Books Students