Angelicum Great Books Program for 2011-2012

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We are now accepting enrollments for the 2011-2012 school year for classes in the Angelicum Great Book Program for high school credits. Please visit the links below for more information.

Great Books Readings for 2011-2012

Online Class Schedule 2011-2012

Online Angelicum Great Books Program Enrollment Form for 2011-2012

“If you’re in the GB program right now, cherish this time! I really believe that you will never have another class quite as good as this one. Even though I have some very excellent teachers at … (which everyone should come to, by the way lol)… none of them will be able to compare to what Mr. Bertucci, Dr. Taylor, Dr. Redpath and Dr. Hancock have given me, the ability to think and ask questions. I know it seems like a fairly common thing to have, but frankly, it is grossly underdeveloped in many people. Just know how lucky you all are to have this, and I hope you all enjoy every moment of it as much as I did.” – comment on Facebook by one of our Great Books Students


16-Year-Old Has Eye on Law School After Graduating From College

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Kayla Heard went to college in her bedroom or, as she calls it, the “Nerd Cave.”The 16-year-old lives with her mother and brother on the banks of the Hood Canal in Union, Wash. Next month, she will become the youngest person ever to graduate from Washington State University. She pursued her degree online.

“My parents felt it wouldn’t be good to send me to a campus at such a young age,” she told KING-TV. “I appreciate their decision, mainly because online studying has given me quite a bit of flexibility in my schedule.”

So positive was Kayla’s undergraduate online experience, she hopes to attend law school online and to that end will spend her summer filling out applications.

Kayla has worked academically ahead of the curve her whole life. She read at 1, started first grade at 3, wrote in cursive at 4 and graduated from high school at 10.

The homeschooler, who will pursue international law, hopes to work abroad one day.

Sunday Night Live – Jesus of Nazareth – Fr. Benedict Groeschel, C.F.R. with Fr. Fessio

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Fr. Fessio outlines his new theology courses in this video with Fr. Groschel. Enroll today in Fr. Fessio’s theology classes for this fall!