How much does Angelicum cost?

Answer: It ranges from virtually free, up to a typical range, including all books and materials of $300- $795, depending on a few factors and choices.

If you live in one of the rapidly growing number of states which reimburse parents or charter schools for secular homeschool programs the parents choose, then it can be virtually free. So for example, in AK, CA, HI, MA, KS, NV, WA and BC, Canada, (click here for list of states and charters) many charter schools carry (or will carry if requested) our sister program – the Great Books Academy curriculum – which is virtually identical to the Angelicum program except that it is not religious and hence does not include religion/theology, Catholic history, some science texts the Angelicum Academy includes, nor lives of the Saints. Because it is not religious but secular, State money may be used to pay for the Great Books Academy curriculum, including the Great Books Academy online Great Books Program. The missing religious elements may be purchased by parents directly from the Angelicum Academy for a small fraction of the overall curriculum cost.

A few parents have wondered whether there is some loss in not having every course “Catholic.” There is no such thing as Catholic math, nor Catholic English, Catholic grammar, etc. However, religion obviously needs to be specifically Catholic (and authentically so), as does history. Science has certain elements that need a Catholic element or explanation (such as regarding false macro-evolution, birth control or abortion), but in general modern science texts are otherwise fine and current – they should not attempt to be apologetical texts, except in those limited instances where science is being used or taught to advance immorality. So we strongly recommend that parents supplement the Great Books Academy curriculum with Angelicum curriculum religion and history texts, and either science texts or supplement secular science texts with Catholic materials to address those few issues not handled properly by secular science texts.

Homeschooling is actually a misnomer – there is no “school” there is home education. In homeschooling the religious and Catholic cultural element is provided primarily by the parents and Church, at home – one of the main advantages of homeschooling. Books alone cannot provide that, no matter how they are written nor what pictures they include.

If you do not live in a state that allows parents to enroll in a charter school and then select their own homeschool materials and courses, then the price of the Angelicum curriculum depends on what courses/books and services you wish to include. It is a difficult to put a set price on our program as we have no required courses or books. Parents are free to pick and choose from any of our 13 courses and related materials (most programs offer only 6 courses, and little to no good literature books).

We recommend starting the Angelicum Academy with about six of our courses, and adding on one or two more to do occasionally once those are going well, and so on. Those six would ordinarily be religion, math, science, history, language arts (English) and the Good Books literature for grades nursery-8th (or the Great Books Program for grades 9-12).

Below are tuition amounts and rough approximations of what the average cost of books is per grade level for six courses, to provide some general idea of the average cost. These costs do not include the optional, online classes (Socratic discussions for grades 3-8; Great Books Program online for grades 9-12).

Enrollment is optional. You need not enroll to purchase our books and materials. Various services are free to enrolled students, including all lesson plans, transcript maintenance, quarterly grading and our online resources.

Family Discounts on 1st-12th Grade Enrollment Consistent with Catholic social teachings, the Angelicum Academy offers a generous 50% family tuition discount for grades 1-12, as follows:

First Child: $195.00 enrollment

Second Child (and beyond) : $97.50 for each additional child*

Because of the complexity of programming for discounts, please simply enroll, charge the full amount at checkout and email us for the discount. We will mail you a check for the difference (i.e., the discounted amount). So please include your name and mailing address. If you are unsure how this works, please do not hesitate to email us for any needed clarifications. Please email Dr. Elisabeth Carmack at

* this refers to any siblings related by blood or legal adoption to the oldest enrolled student of the same family.