Taken from the homepage of the UOWC website.

In our day doors to authentic education have almost all been closed or truncated by the pressures of political correctness [i] and the looming “dictatorship of relativism which does not recognize any thing as certain and which has as its highest goal one’s own ego and one’s own desires.” [ii] The possibility of discovering truth, indeed the very existence of any absolute truth is widely denied. This state of affairs opens the door to those who “with cunning try to draw into error…those tossed by waves and swept along by every wind of teaching arising from human deceit.” [iii]

The purpose of this website is to open a new door, via the internet and distance learning, to reveal anew the treasures of reason and truth, Divine revelation and faith, and the beauty of the sublime heritage of Western culture in art, architecture, literature, verse and music.

Through a growing collaboration of educational institutions committed to preserving all that is best in Western civilization, an international educational network has formed in order to offer distance education courses worldwide, from kindergarten through university, with important physical, on-campus components at collaborating institutions.

The Universities of Western Civilization website is something like a university in the conventional sense of being a place students go to be in contact with teachers and other students in a learning environment; a place where the truth is sought as a good in itself. Universities traditionally offer one or more bachelor’s degree programs as well as graduate programs offering master’s or doctoral degrees. The Universities of Western Civilization network offers students all of the above, in cooperation, collectively.

However, Universities of Western Civilization (uowc.org) is not a single conventional university in the sense of being several colleges collected together on one campus, nor in being one institution run by one administration. UOWC is a website linking completely independent colleges, universities and educational programs that mutually recognize and accept some or all of the educational work of students at the other participating institutions, which collaborate in order to enable students to find and navigate through related and coordinated educational courses, leading to bachelor’s and graduate degrees.

Rather than tearing down or destroying the heritage of Western civilization, as is happening in many educational institutions under the monikers of “deconstructionism, radical liberalism, postmodernism, relativism” and the like, the collaborating institutions are committed to preserving and transmitting all that is best of Western culture – to being part of a renaissance of Western civilization. The list of collaborating educational institutions may be viewed at Member Institutions.

l a phrase describing communist orthodoxy, drawn from Mao’s Little Red Book
ll homily of His Eminence Card. Joseph Ratzinger, (now Pope Benedict XVI), Vatican Basilica, 18 April 2005
lll Ephesians 4, 14