We are in the process of editing and updating our lesson plan binders for Nursery-12th grades.  The lesson plans will have the same overall page format we have used for the past ten years, but they will have many added features to make the lesson plans easier to use.  

We hope to complete all grade levels by May, 2010.  If you enroll before the new plans are finished, please email us and we will add your name and grade level to the Lesson Plan Wait List to receive a free, new lesson plan binder. To be added to our Wait List, please email AngelicumMailbox@aol.com

New features will include:

  • Sample Daily Schedule for each grade level
  • Updated Lesson Plans for the newer editions of our books
  • New Angelicum Enrollment Form
  • Transcript Form for High School
  • Latin Lesson Plans
  • Great Books Program Quarterly Tests for Grades 9-12 (for our non college credit students)