Editor’s note: We are posting the note below because we think this CD would greatly help our parents and students with our Great Books. Program.  Please order directly from the Center for the Study of the Great Ideas

The Syntopicon: An Index to The Great Ideas

 … the single most exciting intellectual job I have ever undertaken     –Mortimer Adler

 Dear Members,

Ever since the advent of personal computers some 20 years ago, it has been my dream to have a digitized, searchable Syntopicon–that dream has finally come true.

As you may know, the book version of The Syntopicon can only be purchased as part of Britannica’s $1,200.00 set of the Great Books of the Western World. It took Mortimer Adler and a large staff, eight years to produce at a cost of over a million 1940s dollars. Dr. Adler closeted himself, 7 days a week for 26 months just to write the 102 Introductions to The Great Ideas.

We all know how wonderful books are for reading, but they are not good for searching. In the past fifty years, I have spent hundreds of hours searching books and their indices for words or phrases that Dr. Adler or the other authors in the Great Books have said on a given topic.

Now, with our new CD ROM you can search and find words or phrases quickly. It has an index so you can even search each of the 102 Great Ideas individually. Being so portable, you can take it anywhere for research or profitable reading.

We are making this extraordinary CD available for members only, at a modest donation of $39.00.

This would also make a Great Holiday Gift Idea for a loved one, friend or student.

Thank you,   Max Weismann